Thursday, September 14, 2006

Get Your Phil Today

I know you can't live without this link I found today:

It features how to say goodbye (and a zillion other common phrases) in 450 languages.

Also, since my brain is about to pop from overdrive (laundry, dishes, dinner, a sleeping Pipsqueak and a martini drinking Stella reading Stink a Scooby book) I am going to blatantly steal a bitchin' deluxe quote from Toni. (Bitchin' deluxe phrase courtesy of K.)

"You know what you get in this life? I'm a real big believer about this: what you get in this life, at the most, is what you ask for. Think about it: you've got a car for sale and you say, 'I'm putting this car on the market for ten thousand dollars. The most you're gonna get is ten thousand dollars. Do you think somebody's gonna drive by and go, 'tell you what, I think that's a really nice car. I think I'll give you twelve?' If you ask for nothing, you get nothing."

The passage is from Dr. Phil. I showed the quote before I showed the name since word on the street is that some of you might not like this over confident Texan macho doc. I do. But the hand in hand walk to the stage each day with the wife that looks like she hit the three for one special from the Home Shopping Network? Not so much. Say hi to him, Sus, while you're lounging in the pool.

Sainara gente loco.

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Teri M. said...

Ok. OK. sheesh. ;)

(I'm finally catching up!)