Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stink's Top 10

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Sometimes I spend so much time trying to keep my boy's fingers out of his nose, or showing him the right way to aim his whizzer in the toilet, or attempting to dislodge the whine chip that seems permanently lodged under his tongue that I forget how much he is growing. Emotionally, that is. Physically? It's hard to ignore. The kid is not yet 4 and wears a size 11 shoe. He's the size of a kindergartner. My little whiny gentle giant... I love him so!

But in achieving some much needed childcare in the past few weeks(Thanks to four additional hours of school, friend trading and Grandma help) no one was more surprised than me to find that the time off helped me not only appreciate my new accomplishments, but my kids' as well. In the past week alone, Stink:

1. Rode a horse without even second guessing himself
2. Started staying an additional 2 hours after school and made a new best friend. “I love Nat soooo much. I want to stay for nap time toooooo!”
3. Assertively introduced himself to every person that he walked by in Costco with a friendly "HI! Hellooooo!" If they ignored him with a "Stupid kid" grimace, he simply looked at me and said, "They must not have heard me."
4. Road a tram at Kaiser (The shuttle cart from the lot to the hospital). When the driver asked about the lollypop Stink was sucking, Stink replied, “Sorry, you can't have it. You can go buy one after you're done with your job.”
5. Stood up in class during circle time, when most kids refused to budge, and let the teacher sing to him, “Stinker came to school today! Stinker came to school today. Stinker came to school – hooray!” The whole time he held Pipsqueak’s hand like a proud papa bear.
6. After I told him, “I’m sorry for yelling at you” he offered up an apology all his own, “And I’m sorry for whining.”
7. Allowed the eye doctor to check his eyes with a computer scanner, not budging once from the screen. Why would he? He was too busy looking for “cars on the spooky road… oooh, the light! The light!”
8. Started sleeping in Pip’s trundle bed to let Pip start to sleep train in his bed (which is surrounded by walls in a corner nook which greatly limits falls.)
9. Put on his new Scooby costume without one hesitation (normally he’s tentative of anything that goes over his head, let alone his whole body.)
10. Told Papa this evening, who had just finished slurping down his soda, “Papa, please don’t make that noise. It’s not nice.”

I know this is a total braggy, mommy post. I’m sorry. But sometimes I just love this kid so much I can’t take it. CAN. NOT. TAKE. IT.

Is it too obsessive of me to sign him up for dance classes now so that he can always hold me close to him in perfect harmony? Can’t you see the mother/son dance already? Me, 6’1, swaying to and fro with my 7’2 charmer? Or will dance classes ensure that he’ll never have a wedding? Not a traditional one, anyway. But wouldn’t that be even better? We can always be best friends, shop and I’ll never have to deal with another woman who hates me.

Yes, I really am that weird. Am I alone?

Thank God for Pip. She’s so non bullsxxx. She’ll snap me right out of it. Goopy post on her to come later this week, so tune out now if you can’t take it.


kim said...

awww its a sweet post ...and as mommys we are allowed to brag :)
he sounds like an adorable child and i love it when everything is new and exciting to them ...its the best time.
my 'gentle giant' is 10 now and still the sweetest thing walking, and sometimes life is not kind, and neither are some of the mean little brats he encounters... but he takes it all in stride and stays his sweet self
and I hope he always will :)

I found you via Onetallmamma ...and saw you plan on starting a ebay designer plus size clothing store - let me know if you do :)

meno said...

What a great reward for you for finding some extra childcare, to be able to be more present when you are with the kids.
Don't apologize for mommy love, it's sweet, and so is that picture.

Dance class sign-ups this week.

Princess in Galoshes said...

See, if I could get a guarantee that my kids would turn out that cute, I'd be more inclined to have them.

Teri M. said...

Such a cool kid ya got there! Sweet post, hon. :)