Wednesday, September 06, 2006

To Do...Errr... Over due

I think I'm overdue on library books.

I am late in taking care of a water and power bill/situation doo-hickey.

I have just enough milk to get the kids through their morning shakes. After that, we'll be adding water to the milk portion of all cake recipes (Not that I ever bake cakes. Well, not good cakes anyway.)

I have to call GE about our broken dishwasher still, leaving me to washing all dishes by hand. I wash dishes by hand about as well as I bake cake. See the conundrum?

My eyebrows are starting to look like those little bush animals in front of It's A Small World. (Milkmaid? Soldier? Oh, no, that's a harried mommy... my bad.)

I was early, however, in buying my new glasses today, since the old ones decided to break in half on me yesterday. Since insurance doesn't kick in until Sept. 20, I got to pay 279.00 of my own money.

But that's okay, since I did pretty well on Ebay this week (yeah, me!) However, I'm late in mailing out the packages, so if I don't step on it I might never get return business again. (Eyebrows now forming into frustrated housewife having to refund post pardum mother in Arkansas because her size 0-3 month Elmo shirt didn't arrive until Bubba turned 2.)

And yet, I remain calm. How is that possible? When other days I could win the lottery and have heart palpitations in the frozen section of Staters Brothers?

What are you people late with? (Come on, Meno, let's hear the sarcasm... you crack my ass up, you grinch. If you send me something funny, I will bake you a pie by October 1, just to show you how anal and excited I get over the holidays. If it's super funny, I might even make it in the shape of a gnat.)

Fa la la la!


amisare waswerebeen said...

My last trip to the library revealed that I had over $80 in late fees. It's pretty bad when they start offering you a payment plan to pay back late fees for books and dvds.

I am also late maintaining my eyebrows. That way, it's easier to look pissed off. And such a coincidence, I will be going for an eye appt. tomorrow and am in need of new glasses (my old ones look like they're ready to keel over).

I'm always late with birthday cards, shaving my legs, getting a haircut, and the movie rentals. Just call me 'tardy'.

Erin said...

I am late on training for the triathlon relay Cliff and I are doing on Sunday. So I get to swim 600 yards in an icy lake and then run a 5k on pure terrified adrenaline. Sorry to hear about your glasses. I got new ones today too, but not under duress.

bridethatwas said...

I hope your water and power bill is not with the DWP because that would mean my eye care won't be paid for and I will not be able to go for my eye appointment which I coincidently also made today.

K said...

I paid $50 for a Memiors of a Geisha rental that I returned 2 months late. Blockbuster lies. There are late fees. who knew 2 months was "too late".

meno said...

As long as i'm not overdue for my period.
Not that it's really an issue as the Mister has been snipped.
I went and booked a trip to DC over Christmas to visit some friends, but much of what i am excited about is missing the holiday with my family. YES!
Not amusing enough for a pie, but that's the best i can do.

onetallmomma said...

I am late cooking dinner, I should get my butt out of this chair instead of blog surfing!

Teri M. said...

Oh lord, I'm late with everything. I have a whole list I made up the other night when I couldn't sleep. The hope was that if I got it down on paper, I would get it out of my head. Except getting it down on paper makes it all so real. Hey! I just remembered, there are actually a couple of things I can cross off! Yay me.