Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gone Fishing

Rex has gone fishing with his dad, leaving me to fend for myself here with the rug rats. I'm not really complaining, as its ammunition to go on a trip myself down the road. But it does leave little time for the small pleasures of life such as blogging, thrifing and stuffing my face without four little hands demanding a piece of the pie.

Since he's been gone, Stink started his year of preschool today, giving Pip and I some much needed mommy daughter moments. Time flew in between our trip to the dollar store for socks, throwing some random items up on Ebay, talking Pip down from the trauma of the missing Princess shoes and making the weekly shopping list. Taco shells? Check. Milk? Check. 1000.00 gift card to Costo for a year's supply of premade meatloaf? The jury is still out on that one.

No news from my agent regarding the two pilots. I'd be shocked if I heard. (Not being negative, Susan, but you know how those things go...)

No news from the big magazine yet.

No news from the wholesale lot I bought (which I intend to flip... news to come.)

This leaves me a big wide open space to:

* Get that writing done with Cynthia
* Get that writing done with Texas Lizzy
* Send out some more queries
* Paint the office
* Get into the exercise routine again
* Start thinking of Christmas (it's never to early to bake those pies... yeah right.)

I hope all of you had a restful weekend. My lack of humor in this post reflects my lack of excitement of revving up, once again.

Going to clean some floors now.

Just as soon as I stretch out on my couch. (which I desperately need to chem dry.)

Sleeping is the best alternative really.


meno said...

Hi Mamap,
Looks like the beginning of another exciting week!
I am in shock that you mentioned Christmas, i always try to avoid thinking about it until the last minute. Denial, it works.
Enjoy the nap.

onetallmomma said...

Fingers and toes crossed for positive answers to your pending projects.

And that's ALOTA meatloaf!