Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Buggin' Out

Since I made a commitment to post daily in November, today you get two posts. The reason for not writing yesterday? I finally succumbed to that damn cold that's been going around. Why can't people just catch money, or good luck? Or writing assignments? Why must we catch things that land us flat on our butts, scrambling for sitters and extra toilet paper?

My mom was kind enough to come over at 1:00 and stay until Rex got home. (In a rare gesture of unasked-for help, Rex canceled his dinner meeting and stayed home to put the kids to bed and let me sleep.)

Last week, when Stink was in the throws of diarrhea, I explained how people catch invisible bugs that make us sick. He stared up at me from the toilet, wide eyed and innocent, his Scooby Doo briefs wrapped around his ankles, and with the sweetest voice in the world, whispered "Mommy... I must have swallowed a honey bee."

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