Friday, November 10, 2006

Poll Dancing

The result of recent poll dances show that Democrats are back in business again.

Um... not that poll. My poll. Garnering 10 votes, the results are as follows:

1. (0) Thought this hair remained left over from a Halloween costume

2. (1) Thought I was brave enough to chop off my own locks

3. (2) Thought the strands belonged to a dead horse.

4. (1) Thought it was from a Princess Leah costume

5. (6) Thought I inherited it from my grandmother

The correct answer, creepy but true, is #3. The horse that my son road a few months back is now living in pastures of clouds. After Tango died, the vet cut off his tail and gave it to A. as a keepsake. She then took various strands and gave them to people who loved her horse - one of them being Stink.

Some moms keep their kids belly button cords, or their foreskin. We keep dead horse hair. Come on by for a visit anytime... I'll let you pet it. Then we'll eat tacos.


The Kitschen Table said...

I have a hair story. Once years ago, I was staying at my boyfriend's house overnight. In the morning I was rummaging thru his bedside table looking for who knows what.[probably trouble] In the 2nd drawer a long brown pony tail was curled in the corner. Visions of murderers with souveniers danced in my head. Turns out it belonged to a beloved x who cut her hair. He had never gotten over her or, her haircut. Oh, yeah, we broke up soon after....duh.


Princess in Galoshes said...

Oh! Gross. Also, can I see a bigger picture?