Sunday, November 26, 2006

If Housework Were Elmo

The photo below is Pipsqueak learning letters on

If only I viewed housework the way she views Elmo.

It's easy to lose our childlike exhuberence for stuff. Like my goal to do nice things for myself this next year, I also plan on rekindling my passion for the little perks... Be it nice cups of coffee with girlfriends in porceline mugs, the smell of vanilla cake baking in the oven (funny... I immediately wrote the word "burning"... that shows where my cooking skills are at), the smell of fire places on crisp winter nights, or furry red monsters.

Dennis Prager, a national radio host, and all out pragmatist, says he never lived life until he had scheduled in fun... just 20 minutes/day. It gives people hope, stress relief, and an openness to try new things.

Maybe this year I'll become a professional baker? An off duty police officer? Maybe I'll combine both and become an amateur pancake flipper at a police association breakfast housed by the Elk's Lodge? Perhaps I'd meet Betty Sue or Verna who would teach me how to crochet poodles, or Burt who'd regale me with stories of how he lost his left thumb hunting duck in Vermont that fateful winter of '58 (and how tragedy turned to elation when he met Verna in the first aid camp). Maybe I'll just write a novel to get these wacky characters out my brain once and for all.

The important thing is that I make time for some laughs and enjoy the details.

What are your plans? If you don't have any, perhaps it's time to take 20 minutes, think about it, and get back to me.

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Anonymous said...

I just learned to crochet and am 2/3 done with my first scarf. I also have about 4 baby quilts to make and a mountain of scrapbooking to do. So much fun, so little time.

Anonymous said...

Sad that we have to schedule these things, eh?

Me too....My idea of "fun" was to go back to school this year - which kind of is fun to me....once a nerd always a nerd I s'pose.

Anonymous said...

Fun should be spontaneous, kids know how, adults forget. Good luck finding the kid in you.

meno said...

i'm going to make a quilt this next year come hell or highwater. And it will be fun!

Maggie said...

I'm going to...who am I kidding, I've forgotten what its like to have me time. No but, I think I'm going to write more, and garden and get in shape. Yeah. That's it.

Mama P said...

Amisare - I so want to learn to knit. Good for you!

Mommyham - Make not apolgies for being a geek. I'm one, I'm married to one, my kids will probably be geeks. Except for Pipsqueak. Her shoes will out-geek her.

Pam - Thanks for the wishes on finding the inner kid. My husband would tell you I don't need any encouragement.

Meno - take pics of the quilt. Can't wait.

Maggie - I'm with you on getting in shape. But not tonite. Tonite I am going to eat cookies by a fire. MMMMMM.