Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Like It On Top

...of the list.

How many of us are so involved in putting others first that we forget about ourselves?

I know I do.

But like my favorite expression "I'm not a martyr", I don't ever do anything unwillingly or out of obligation. I'm a natural giver. You could say that I'm either incredibly generous or just a glutton for gratitude. Probably a combo of both. But the way I see stuff, it feels good to make someone else feel good.

What results is often a happy receiver who in turn bestows good will on another.

But if said receiver is not able to reciprocate out of unwillingness, inability or just plain lazyness, than I can decide not to give again or simply continue to do so because, really, how sad must their life be? To me it makes sense to just shut up, be generous, and live without being reimbursed. Call me crazy, but nobody ever died from not having their tits tatted. That's past tense for tit for tat.

Mama P Clause: This does not mean boundaries are not in order. This does not mean saying "Sure I'll listen, cute stranger!" to every Bible thumping Church of Elmo caroler who wakes up your sleeping child with knocks that make the sonic boom sound like a whisper.

Even level headed moi has limits, and if I weren't wobbling at "P.M." before, the holidays will bring the final "S" and have me crashing on my ass. Will I find the perfect Scooby Doo Under Roo ensemble? Will Rex score the Lite Brite set on sale? Or am I just getting old? (If not sure about me turning old, I have four words for you from paragraph above: Lite Brite Under & Roo.)

So to take the stress off of thinking about others, I'm going to launch into panic attack mode thinking about me!

1. Fix up that corner nook that is currently housing 8 pairs of red velvet tab curtains and more scrapbooking supplies than Pipsqueak has shoes (for those of you that have been following me, that's A LOT.)

2. Hang curtains in dining room to enjoy as I sip my coffee first thing in the morning and later scream at kids to not wipe their Cheerios laden paws on them.

3. Transform the office from an Ebay U-Haul system into a rolling plastic boutique on wheels / slash writing space. Each item will have a cubby. Each shelf will have a book. It'll be more feng shway than Rex's favorite sushi spot. Note to self: How to spell feng shway? Find dictionary. When you do, put on said shelf. (Shut up Mom, I know I can't spell.)

I am thankful this year for so many things. It's time to be thankful for me and treat myself.

People, are you with me? Everybody Fung Schwayy tonite. (The spelling keeps getting worse and worse...)


Maggie said...

Way to go Mama P!

meno said...

Treating yourself! Do it. You can't give when there's nothing left to give from.
Saw your comment at Amusing's about zoloft stuffing. ha ha ahahahahhaha.

Mama P said...

Maggie and Meno - Thanks for your support on treating myself. I am going to start on Sunday by holing myself up in a coffee shop and doing a rewrite. Sounds sarcastic, but seriously... two hours of time to think and nail an article down is heaven.