Monday, November 20, 2006

Heiring Dirty Laundry


In our ongoing effort to remove ourselves from the television (I'm thinking attacking termites with hand held pliers is less painful) we hiked two mountains today: one near Topanga T's house and one in Mama P's bedroom.

Pip was only too thrilled to "play in the leaves of Papa shirts" while Stink gave me the squinty "Um, I'm not supposed to be doing this" eye. Not a tick this time... great improvements in that area, but only the doctor will completely reassure me. Then again, since I have Kaiser, I might never get into see one. Apparently having to see a PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST does not warrant any haste on their part. Understandable. Their commercials are really touching - that takes money and time.

Oh, what's that you say? Capital letters are interpreted by readers as shouting? GOOD!

Side note: I've actually been happy with my HMO/clinic/1980's grey and pink decor of Kaiser so far. Again, that was for uncomplicated procedures, such as pushing an 8 pound human being out a walnut sized hole and dealing with a dying father. Apparently the chink in the "I Love Kaiser" armor happens when you have to see a PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST.

Ooooh, shouting again.

On a final note, as we drove home through the canyon, we were stuck in some serious traffic. We passed the time discussing in detail why we could not watch tv when we got home or gorge ourselves on Halloween Candy after dinner.

As we hit the top of the hill, my cell phone bars lit up and started screaming at me to check the voicemail. The radio came in clearer, begging me to buy insurance in case I kill myself with plastic fumes after accidentally cooking the turkey with the bag of entrails still attached.

Then traffic started to flow and I saw the bright orange sign. It was diamond shaped, and while my mind briefly fluttered on the concept of diamond earrings... "I hope Rex buys some for me some day... better yet, I'll buy them for myself with my magazine sales"... it most importantly caught the words within the border - road work being the reason for them: SLOW DOWN UP AHEAD.

Yes, they were in capitals.

Yes, they were screaming at me.

And yes, I listened.

I turned off the cell phone.

I turned off the radio.

I looked at the rear view mirror and caught a glimpse of the things that, if I don't slow down, will move right past me quicker than the commercials on our TIVO.

Some people have epiphanies at church. Some at yoga class. Still others over a joint. For me? It's construction.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Stink is doing better.
You take us along with you when you write, it's great.

K said...

Isn't life great?

Mama P said...

Thanks, Pam, for the compliment.

K, life is good. Hope you enjoyed Vegas. I hear you were looking at fake dead bodies and sunken ships.