Friday, November 24, 2006

Drunk With Thanks


Thanksgiving went fine. There were only five adults and two kids, with enough fixings for a roving band of Indians, yet we still had room for leftovers.

The biggest memory I am going to have is how much work it is to throw a dinner, and I didn't even cook anything. Rex made the bird, the in-laws brought side dishes (including fabulous William Sonoma Turkey and Gravy), I burned the jalapeno poppers and added too much vodka to the turkey shooters. No one touched my pecan salad, which is fine, because I adore strawberry dressing with candied nuts. It's a veggie combined with a dessert. If you're an all in one shampoo and conditioner kind of gal, this is the greenery for you! If you need a recipe, just ask my garbage disposal.

By the time the inlaws departed, as promptly as they arrived, I was plain pooped from a day's worth of housework, keeping kids in line, and enough dishes to launch me into that song from Beauty and the Beast .... "Be our Guest! Be our Guest! Put our service to the test! If you do not like the salad well than you can screw yourself..." (Disney forgot those last lyrics, but luckily they have me to fill in the gaps.)

To end the day, Topanga T had the good idea to email me 18 photos of people being drunk and stupid. When the one above came on the screen, Stink ran in, pointed to it, and said "Mama, that's ME!"

Sadly, I couldn't laugh. In a few years, it probably will be.

Happy Thanksgiving, Peeps. Posted by Picasa


meno said...

I would have eaten the pecan salad. It sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

Your rendition of "Be our guest" made me laugh, too funny. Yup, I would have tried the pecan salad too.

Mama P said...

I wish I could have all you fabulous ladies over for dinner one night. Potluck, of course. But yes, I'd make the salad for you, Meno.

And Pam, you'd paint the invites.

KD in SF said...

My most recent barf: Out the window of our truck at the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza returning to SF from Sacto, after a weekend of too much 2 Buck Chuck/Yuck. Projectile.

Homies rollin' in a low-rider Mercedes, yelled, "Yeah baby, that's CLASS!" My loving husband rubbed my back and said outloud, "Don't worry baby, its just the heroin kicking in."

HA HA HA So not funny.

I didn't look exactly like the guy in Stink's photo, but I did feel like him. Minus the obscene finger gesture and faded black jeans. xoxoo