Saturday, November 18, 2006

Everyone Loves A Clown

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Today, true to my word, I stayed put at home. Of course, it was still Grand Central Station, between Topanga T hanging out all day (Rex fixed her car, she entertained the kids by turning a cardboard box into the Mystery Machine), Rex's computer friends and their little girl swinging by to check out a van (she's prego with twins), then Cecelia and her brood over for pizza.

The people were good for me after a long week of stress, and the home fires were great for the kids. We even survived with TV in the morning only and minimal sugar.

Call it wishful thinking (like the first day on a diet and you're convinced you've shed ten pounds) but Stink's ticks seemed to subside quite a bit.

And shock of all shocks - Rex and I had a great time just being together. For lack of sounding too lovey dovey, the heart fuzzies are the kind of ticks all families need.

Some good friends, some old wigs, a few dress up costumes and pizza... it doesn't take much.

May you all have a great weekend full of life, love and fabulous refridgerator boxes that you can turn into your castle, your race car, or your local Starbucks - whatever makes you tick.


Anonymous said...

Large boxes are better than toys! My grandchildren and I made many things with oversized carboard, from gingerbread cottages to rockets to kitchen stoves.The imagination is the best playground.

Sounds like a good day for all, and it really is the little things, isn't it?

Sweet pictures.

meno said...

therapy by friends. nothing better.

Mama P said...

Pam - With your artistic gifts channeled into a refridgerator box your must have won Grandparent of the Year.

Meno - The friendship therapy continued into this evening. Both kids sacked out by 7, and now the mister and I are going to enjoy some downtime. Nothing better.

Thanks for the comments.