Friday, November 10, 2006

What a Zoo


Today I took advantage of my annual pass (only the second time in almost a year... I suck) and went to the L.A. zoo with the kids. It was crowded. It was stinky. It was Veterans Day. Um... duh. Maybe I'll go to Disneyland on Christmas and Vegas for New Years. That's some smart thinking.

We did, however, spend 20.00 on a tram ride. Between keeping Stink from hurling himself overboard and Pip screaming "I'm cared! I'm cared!" we saw maybe 2 blurry hippos and a dot of an Ostrich eating it's own ca-ca.

But the play area was a blast.

And it's Friday.

And after a crappy week of feeling sorry for myself, I'm ready to begin the weekend with high hopes of fun.

They just won't include the zoo

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Erin said...

I went to the zoo on Good Friday this year. Took the three kids all by myself. Not my smartest move. You deserve many drinks.

Pam said...

I dislike crowds so avoid all places like the zoo, etc. I did it for my kids when they were small but let them do it with their kids and I stay home!