Saturday, March 31, 2007

Child... I'm Throwing a Tantrum!

Some of you might remember that I received my first national magazine break by landing the back essay for Child. The good news is, that after 3 rewrites, they loved it and were ready to publish it!

The bad news is, as of Thursday, the publication is folding. I'll be lucky if I see a dime of my $1500 fee. I do have a kill fee in my contract, but I think that's assuming there is a magazine available to kill it. (New York times sums it up best:

Ah, well. I'll just have to work harder at querying some other places.

Truthfully, I should be more active in the query department, but it seems I get pulled further and further into thrifing and flipping. I just love it. It finally dawned on me that, unlike writing (which is so cerebral), shopping is a way to touch something tangible. And sales: instant gratification.

So, here's the new plan: Find something that combines both of my skills. I will have to do it myself, of course, and then let other people find me. So, like my goal of last year (to have one article accepted by Septemeber) my goal by summer is to have my own website (Buh, bye, Blogger!) This website will be similar to this website:

I will have weekly newsletter sign-ups for the shopper in everyone. It will be less hummingbird brain, and more of a focused brand for myself. You'd be surprised how many of my magazine writer friends have had editors find them, simply by googling "yoga and pregnancy" - boom, Ms. Mindbody appears.

Are there other shopping websites out there? Of course. I'm hoping what will make mine different is that it will explore not just how to land good deals, but talk about the zen behind bargain hunting.

You heard that: I've had many spiritual epiphanies as of late at my local "Out of the Closet" resale shop, right there between the fifty cent sunglasses and the bucket of free condoms (No, the rubbers are not USED, you pervs.)

In my wack a doo brain, I am really starting to see parallels between how people shop and how they view life. For me, it's all about the vision... the finding the good in people. For example: If you look at a man or a job like an old chair, you can see two things: A dead end, or a good solid piece that, with a little TLC, is priceless.

I used to battle this idea around in my head... that if I had higher standards (or were willing to put my family in debt) I'd simply go straight to Nordstroms. But after some thought, and some hefty raises on Rex's part, I've realized it's not about the money. It's about the thrill behind the shopping... "What will I find today?"

Anyone can walk into Macy's and know exactly where to get that $2000 bedroom set - which is nice, and I'll probably find myself there one day soon (Not that Rex and I don't adore your 1970's child starter set, K. I especially dig the appliqued roses on the teeny desk and dresser, and the fact that I get to twist in half just to get to my underwear.)

For me, though, malls can't offer me the thrill of the bubblegum pink lawn furniture. For five bucks, I can scare my neighbors and throw it away if I get tired of it. (Translation: Rex gets tired of it.)

What do you all think of this site idea - even if you're not shoppers?

And better yet, what shall I call this new venture? ( is mostly likely taken.)

Anybody else out there with similar ideas of how to follow your passions? Be it school, or cooking (such as Maggie's great cooking blog:

I leave you with this: my first big earnings from my ads are going to buy and send gifts to all you lovely folk who have listened to me ramble for two years while I find my voice. I can't thank you enough with words, so some rockin' thrift store finds with your personality written all over them will have to do.



War Bride said...

Hey Mama P. Ironically enough, I just started Zoloft the other day. I had a bit of a panic attack and went to the doctor to find out I had a 143/82 BP, when I'm normally a 90/60 kind of girl. So I ended up telling the walk-in clinic all about being in a married couple that's lived apart longer than together, crashing my car in the snow, and taking on entirely too much at school, and I was like "can I have some pills please?"

Hopefully it's a short term thing, but I'm already sleeping easier. Figured I'd fill you in.

HAM*I*AM said... is what I use. Then you just type the urls in ONCE - with the name you want it displayed as, cut the code and paste it into your template, and voila! Blogroll. And get this...if you add/edit links, you do not have to do the code rigamorole again in your template. Sooo easy, and my style!

Liza's Eyeview said...

I have a great idea for you about the website thing. I'm at the office so I can't blog long. I'd come back later (hopefully tonight). Don't give up blogging yet. You should be able to make money out of this...


Mama P said...

Warbride - I know what it's like to be living this dual life. If you're under so much stress, after trying and trying to make something work, I do see Zoloft as a viable option to get you through. Some people disagree, but I don't. As long as you're doing all the healthy stuff with it, it can be a beautiful transition. Congrats. And call if you ever want to talk. (Email and I'll give you my #)

Ham - Thanks so much. I tried that blogrolling once, but I gave up. I will try again.

Liza - Thanks for the money idea. I wasn't planning on giving up blogging immediately, as I had a feeling options like yours might make their way down the pike. Thanks, and hope your boys are well.

amisare waswerebeen said...

When you find the video you want, copy the html code on the left of the screen. Go to your post that you're typing, click the 'edit html' tab, paste the code where you want it, and publish the post when you're done and it should come up just fine. Good luck.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Hi MamaP,

I am way too tired to write my ideas but I did gather some links of blogs that makes money for the bloggers. Actually that Problogger makes tons of money! I guess that "Motherhood Uncensored and 5 Minutes For Mom" does too. Here are the links (or the addresses - I guess you'll have to cut and paste or you can go to my blog and the links are in my sidebar. I think this will give you an idea on what to do, how to combine your writing talent to market your blog and therefore attract sponsors, or even write a book or something later on.

P.S. Oh, I have a boy and a girl. I think the photo of them where my daughter looks like a boy got stuck in your head, you thought I have 2 boys :). No worries...I just thought I'd let you know :)

gr said...

mama P--I am so pleased to have your funny and unhinged comments at potsblog. Keep up the good work, we need all the humor we can find in this life.

Maggie said...

Anything that spreads the joy of scaring neighbors with pink lawn furniture has GOT to be good. Exploring zen in bargain hunting I would love to read too!

Liza's Eyeview said...

About Blogroll, if you've already swithed your blogger blog to beta (I'm not sure how the non-beta works), when you sign-in, you'll see on your DASHBOARD (the page where they asked you what you want to do after signing up, like New posts, etc...) There is a choice there for LAY-OUT. In that you'll click the box that says ADD NEW PAGE ELEMENT. When you click that ADD NEW PAGE LEMENT link, a new page will pop out that will give you a "lot of goodies" you can add on your blog. One of that is the goodies is LINK LIST. Press that. Now there will be a new box that would say LINK LIST in your LAY-OUT. Click that and you can start your Blog Roll.

I'm sure next time you'd want to learn how to do the direct link in your post (as I notice you don't use that yet.) Maybe that's the next lesson :) . Good luck! Sorr I am not good at giving step by ste instructions but I hope you find those goodies :)

Pam said...

I am sooooo not a shopper! But I love the picture! LOL