Sunday, March 04, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We're home! Great to go, great to be back. I am too tired to say anything, but I will add that, after prayers tonight and our story, I taught Nick four new words. He says them with huge gusto and feeling (something he is not known for - he's very tall, but has a very quiet voice.)

He was so thrilled with his new found bravado, he ran downstairs to interrupt Papa's nightly, errr, toilet routine. He shook his fist wildly in the air at him and proclaimed: I DON'T TAKE CRAP!

The irony was not lost on us.

(Sorry for the poop reference, Mom. I'll refrain from pushing one out for at least another month.)


Pam said...

Great new words, I'm still laughing!
Welcome home, Mama P.

amisare waswerebeen said...

Yay for expanding vocabulary. Hee hee. My mom told me that my uncle taught me at the age of two to say "shitdamnpiss" like one word and I walked around saying it all the time. Ain't molding young minds great?!

meno said...

Those are very useful words to know.

I really like that picture.

Mama P said...

Pam, you remind me of my mom. You laugh at me, but perhaps get less nervous. My poor mother.

Amisare - Shitdampiss? Classic.

Meno - I loved the picture, too. Not because it's such a great shot, but because it reminds to relax. And the colors - mmm, could lick them up.

TTQ said...

Haha the "Sorry mom I won't push another one out" about "poop" and "I don't take crap".. hope you really don't have to wait a month to go...

Thanks for poppin by the Bumble Blog you gave me a new place to visit!