Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Home, Clean Home

Today was my weekly four hours off. The kids were thrilled to play with the hot babysitter across the street, while I was thrilled to play in a local thriftstore, scoring the cutest set of pink bags for Pip and me, as well as a matching Dora sun shirt for 75 cents.(As you can see, the princess was very disappointed with her wares. More things to sell behind her. Clearly I don't need to be spending anymore cash at resale stores, but I can't help it. I'm an addict. I must FEED. DA. BEAST.)

Post squealing like the little girl that she is, Pip crashed hard shortly afterwards, giving me some much needed Mommy and Stink time.

As he sat on my lap, I grasped the opportunity to talk about what he's learning at school, his friends, his feelings. We got on the subject of education... how Papa is studying German... how Grandma shares the same Ebay disease as Mama... how it's always good to better ourselves. The conversation went as follows:

Me: Even Mommy has to improve sometimes. Tell me, Stink, what do you think I could do better?

Long pause, then...

Stink: You should stay home. And get clean.

Duly noted.


meno said...

Oh! Ouch! Kids are so blunt.

That girl child looks like her mama.

HAM*I*AM said...

get clean, as in sober up from your resale addiction??? Boy, he's wise isn't he?

Or is he meaning, "Clean the house, wench!"? That kind of smartness doesn't go far at our house...needed or not.

Mama P said...

Hi Meno - As my aunt says about Pip, "she looks JUST like you... only much prettier." Um, thanks? (My aunt, not you. I take your comment as a supreme compliment - thanks.

Ham - I am not sure what he meant. If he meant "clean the house" I would never scold him for it. It was not said in a snooty way. He is super sweet and I'll call him on being a brat. In this case, if he was referring to the house, I simply will take his response as honesty. I don't like to ask my kids for their opinions and then chastise them for being honest.

Maggie said...

This is funny. I thought 'Stink' meant that you needed to be home and like bathe or shower do say the darndest things.

I'm a resale store hound myself. I just can't help it. When you find those amazing treasures for next to nothing its hook line and sinker.

Mama P said...

Ham - No worries. I am fine with what you said, or didn't say. Everyone has different opinions. If I can live with my husband, the KING of opinions, I can take on an internet stranger any day! Keep reading and I'll check your stuff too!

Maggie - I'm visiting Canada one day. While my husband checks out the History of the Maple Leaf Exhibit I'm going thrifting for some cheap mountie flags! (No generalzing there, right?)