Thursday, March 29, 2007

Me me me... Um.. meme

I was tagged by a lovely lady named Amisare to do a music list. I am supposed to write down 7 things I have listened to recently, then tag 7 other readers. Basically, that's all everyone who reads this, so start thinking.

Let me preface my selections by stating that I still get chills listening to Muskrat Love. That said, here's my list of recent listenings.

1. Ragtime: The Musical - one of the most amazing stories set to music I have heard in the past ten years. Of course, I haven't seen Wicked or any Dora on Ice extravaganzas, but still.

2. Tim McGraw: Everywhere. Rex and my wedding song is on it, so of course I'm biased. "Dancing in the dark... middle of the night... taking your heart... and holding it tight... emotional touch... touching my skin... and asking you to do what you've been doing all over again..."

All I think about when this song plays is swaying with Rex, tears streaming down his mother's face in the corner near my parents' French doors (the same room I used to play handball in twenty years earlier.) It was a past, present and future moment for me, entwined in pink (my dress color... God help me) and alternating emotions of sheer joy, nostalgia and hunger. When the hell could I eat?

3. Sandy, from the Grease soundtrack. Stink has a penchant for ballads of loss. I wish I were kidding. He loves to sing "Oh Sandy darlin', you hurt me real bad. You KNOOOOWWW it's truuuueeee"

Today we heard Garth Brooks Ain't Goin' Down 'Til the Sun Comes Up and when Garth croons, "Mama's on the front porch screaming out her warning, 'Girl you better get your red head back in bed before the mornin'", Stink comments, "Did the girl come back from that man's car? That mommy would missssss her!"

4. Anything by Brad Paisley makes me smile. Today I heard his song Celebrity... "Can't wait to date a supermodel. Can't wait to sue my dad. Can't wait to wreck a Ferrari, on my way to rehab."

5. Sheryl Crowes Greatest Hits compliation from Starbucks. I got it with a gift card. I love the strength in her voice, combined with a honey like soprano.

6. Tricia Yearwood - she kills me. Even you non-country fans might like her. The Song Remembers When? Ahhhh, killer. Don't listen to it when meloncholy, dying to travel, or torn between adoration and murder for your ex.

7. Lyle Lovett and His Large Penis... Er... Band (Seeing if you're paying attention. And sorry, I'm open minded as the next gal. But while I love his voice, the only thing I'd like less than mold in my shower is Lyle Lovett practicing vocals.)

This said, he is a brilliant lyricist. The lyrics below are such a definition of love to me:

And I like cream in my coffee
And I like to sleep late on Sunday
And nobody knows me like my baby
And I like eggs over easy
With flour tortillas
And nobody knows me like my baby

It's shocking, with my love for lyrics, that I'm not a sucker for any musicians. As artsy as I am in my soul, I can't get over the idea of a man who is never home. That would kill me.

This ends the meme portion of tonite's blog.

Okay, TAG EVERYONE!!!!!!!! No comments without at least 3 suggestions of songs you like and why!


Erin said...

I'll play.
1. Gypsy by Suzanne Vega. I had a bootleg acoustic version in college, that I can't find anywhere now, but it is a gorgeous song and the lyrics get me every time.

2. I am a huge Lyle Lovett fan. I even have a photo of Lyle and my husband, arms slung around one another, featured prominently in my living room (long story). My kids' favorite is the "if I had a boat, I'd go out on the ocean; and if I had a pony, I'd ride him on my boat," song. Lately I am partial to If I Needed You (would you come to me?)

3. Dire Straits -- Romeo and Juliet. Because I am a sap.

Pam said...

Given my love for music, this should be easy, but my elder brain had to cook a bit.
Okay, here goes.

I like the Dixie Chicks' "Earl" because it struck a chord (no pun intended). No, I didn't kill my abusive man, I left him, but...

I love Diana Krall's rendition of "Cry Me a River," she is a fine jazz musician and it's an oldie but a goodie.

Sarah Brightman singing "Memories" from "Cats" can still make me cry.

I also love Simon and Garfunkle, Cat Stevens and Eric Clapton. (Had to get some guys on the list!)

And then there is...sorry, but once I start to cook...= )

HAM*I*AM said...

I'm not as "gone country" as you, but I do have my fave country gal:

Martina McBride's "In My Daughter's Eyes" slays me.

Brad Paisley is so good (he deserves that tagline much more than yoplait, imho) - and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, "Find Yourself" by him on the Cars soundtrack

next...I have me a love affair with Rob Thomas. Love him with Matchbox 20, "Real World; Push; Bent," et cet era...but also love him on his own too, "Streetcorner Symphony?" oh, yeah.

John Mellencamp songs (with or without the Cougar) make me think of my childhood in a bittersweet nostalgic way - and for some strange reason make me want to clean house!?!?

Jewel...LOVe her. Truely madly deeply. "Hands" and "Life Uncommon" get me ready for work. So inspirational.

I love music. Any and all. Edgy lyrics are my fave; folksy, bluesy, country, rock, ballad sounds...all good.

meno said...

I am going to answer with this.
as i am too lazy to type all that in again.

You are right about Lyle. Not in my shower. *shudder*

amisare waswerebeen said...

Good picks. We should exchange a few cds sometime. ;)