Monday, November 14, 2005

Afternoon Delight

The first upshot of my Sunday? I baked my first turkey and despite both smoke alarms going off, my fifteen pound winged buddy tastes delicioso (sorry to Cecelia, a vegetarian super stud). I'm seeing turkey salad, turkey soup and a lovely batch of turkey cookies in my future. And yes, a living creature might be head first in a pot in my refridgerator, but I have a whole week ahead of me of stress free dinners. Which means at 5pm I'm not going loco. Which means the only bird James comes home to at the end of his day is on his dinner plate.

The second upshot of my Sunday? While the turkey was making my house smell almost as enticing as a maid (but not quite) James watched the rugrats so I could paint my living room. In two and a half hours, I taped, patched holes, and painted two walls. This includes cleanup and pictures back on the wall. (A first for me, who is known to take three months to complete one wall, all the while leaving open paint cans and emergency room-inducing screws littering the floor, not to mention enough paint to give our 1950's wood floor the look of a mechanic's shop).

While the end result was a professional looking paint job, it looks like someone vomited an orange push up in my living room.

I'm trying to tell myself that this color is what I had anticipated: warm... rich... indicative of the vibrant life I lead (inside my head). When one walks in, they will have memories of fall... soothing smells of pumpkin pie and lazy summers by a lake. This hue whispers artist... funky enough to be original but mellow enough to shrug, "I didn't try that hard."

And then when I take off my Raybans the delusion party is over and the crowd is screaming "You tacky Walmart Valley Girl, you have no taste. Go back to K-mart and get some Martha Stewart mellow yellow."

I'm keeping it until Sunday when I have my painting date once again. I'm taking suggestions. And sure, put on your sunglasses first. Research says if you stare too long you might blur your vision.


knocknock said...

WOW! All I can say is......"it's a good thing I like the color ORANGE! Other than that are one brave female!

Mama P said...

was this written by any martini swilling grandmas?

K said...

I don't mind the push up. I too once painted my kitchen "medditeranean orange". As you know it is now "Thousand Oaks beige". push up is better than beige... I say screw it! leave it for one holiday season. I like the black pictures up against it.