Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm a Flamer

As in Flaming June. Here she is above right in orange. The fabulous diva next to her is Woman in a Purple Coat by Matisse.

I've loved these prints long before I had kids, but now, they seem to resonate even more - a fantasy life, if you will, of laying in peace. No interruptions. Ready to be served. Of course, I have my own opinions about what each gal is thinking. June is more the princess type - the one who gets her nails done and shops for shoes at DSW (though she's not wearing them now since she kicked them off after a long night of dancing). She's into hair and decorating and while kind, is a bit self-centered. She doesn't think twice about that five dollar cappucino. She's worth it, no? She goes through men like Evian and sleeps in 200 thread count sheets, which someone washes for her. She's demanding and fairly self-serving, but she's so beutiful, you can't not hang out with her and drink her up.

The Woman in the Purple Coat... she's a bit more my style. She is wearing things her career bought for her... she's a fast talker, not one to rest. Even in sitting, she's got this "Move Out of My Way" quality to her. You either love her or hate her, and regardless of your opinion, admire her. (Of course, I have no career now, but this is my art fantasy, so I can inject any opinion I want onto these women. Who wants to see a painting of a tired mom in vomit stained sweats? "Post Pardum & Some Sticky Wipes".... Ooooh, can you see it hanging at ZGallery now?

To find your own inner art goddess, you can check out

Well, I'm off to spend the day with the martini goddess, Stella. If Picasso painted her, her mobile home would be in bright Italian reds and yellows. Her 1960's decor would have aqua and purple hues. The brush strokes would be hurried - like her talking talking talking. Stella is 84 and like a fine piece of art, priceless.

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