Monday, November 28, 2005

Let Your Light Shine

Or if you have no inner energy, at least have fabulous lamps.

Check out this incredible find I got at my local thrift store. I won't give the price, because in case you come to my house, I am vain enough to have you believe it's reasonably expensive. I just think it's stunning... so much so that I am uploading 3 shots of it. It screams elegant, classy, but sassy enough in this shag carpet green to not give a crap. I WISH I had as much confidence as this diva. I love her. I will never get rid of her.

Unless someone in the Ebay community is willing to pay the Buy It Now price of 150.00.

Then it's good ridance, glass girl!

(But secretly, I priced it high with the hopes she'd have to stay put. She's like the stray white kitten I found when I was 14... so original and quirky... so perfect. I know I need her about as much as a Harry Potter bobble head, but she just makes me happy. And unlike a Harry Potter bobble head, she won't wind up on Maury Povich in ten years talking about how she was high during the entire third installment and made out with the headmaster. Who had to sit under makeup for "six hours a day! Can you believe it?" )

Is it too much for me to serenade this fixture to "You Light Up My Life?" Because after a long day of dishes and running around after kids, she really does "Give Me Hope... To Carry On..."

On a final note, I'd like to give James some credit for putting the skip back in my step. I had six hours off yesterday to putter around my favorite haunts. He took me to dinner tonite. He even paused his computer game to go with the kids and I to the zoo (on a Monday no less). And... he encouraged me to buy the year long pass so we can go back again. To prove this event took place, I even have photos. (Though I don't love them quite as much as this lamp, hence I'm not uploading them now.)

Something is amiss. I am getting time off, dinners out & family day trips to the zoo. I could say it's all because I stood up a few weeks ago and finally asked for what I need - an obvious "duh" thing, but so many women don't. I could say it's that James really loves me and wants to spoil me. I could say it's a combo of both.

But I think I'll credit the lamp.

The wonderful, retro-y, magical lamp.

Excuse me while I go lick the glass.

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