Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Ebay

Inspired by an ebay post sent to me by K, I have taken to spicing up my own holiday listings. My favorite so far is this one, which I will share with you.

With this auction, you will win 3 fabulous things:

1) The opportunity to have some great Xmas photos taken with your son looking more dashing than Rudolf
2) The "oooohs" and "awws" of all your family members as they compliment your darling elf on his classic and old school Christmas duds
3) The perfect black mail photo potential to show his friends when he won't listen to you. Because nothing will embarrass your son more than a photo of his cute little chubby knees sticking out of this designer velour shorts outfit.
And it really is cute. Just check out the photo!

Happy bidding. May all your holiday memories be happy ones.


James went on to add: "The outfit alone screams 'I'm a nerd'. The bowtie adds an additional 'And don't forget to kick my ass.' "

Funny, James. You very very funny.

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K said...

hilarious. you will get top $$.