Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Texas Dottie

Since I am feeling a bit sorry for my abrupt job termination, I would like to turn happy thoughts to Texas Lizzy's mother-in-law, who I will refer to as Dottie T. Dottie, while I'm thrilled you had a surprise birthday party this weekend, I'm not tickled that my name was used as the decoy. Especially because I was not on some tractor with my munchkins, downing Corona. Instead, I was wallowing in the self-pity of not having a job I thought I had. But all is well. I will get to Texas one of these days anyway, and I hope your day was fabulous. I feel as if I know you through Lizzy, and I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of my good buddy.

I'd thank you even more if you'd say a prayer to the writing god that I finish my g-dxxxx pilot.

Susan, if you're reading this... I have committed myself to my rough draft being done by next week. You will have a polish end of November...

It's not like I have a fancy career as a garage editor ahead of me.

Boo hoo hooo.

See how self-centered I am? Going from Dottie's big day to my own pain? (It's quite shocking I'm not a Hollywood diva yet.)

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SueShap said...

Check in with me when you have the draft done. And of course I am reading this, I always do, (even if it takes me a few days!!)

Love ya,