Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fireside Chats

Who issss this woman? Is she really that happy to make lists in her Landsend sweater and suburban track home? Is it just me that makes up their real stories? Like... I think her name is Brenda. She's 28 but looks 35 due to 3 kids and a bad dye job. She used to be a stripper, but then met Doug, a married exec stopping through Barstow on a business trip. She's since converted to Christianity and learned the wonders of cock... I mean... crock pot cooking. She freezes with ease and goes to Curves. As she sits on her Martha Stewart K-mart sofa, she wonders when Doug is going to call. Is he really out at Knights of Columbus or is he plugging the waitress from the Waffle Hut? Should she go back and get her dental hygenist degree or get knocked up one more time to stave off the boredom. She would like to paint her walls purple, but Doug doesn't like girly colors, so she sucks it up and plans Sara's fourth birthday party. Sara is really into princesses. Mikey's into Thomas the Train. Jeb is into breastfeeding. Brenda's into... well, not so much. She wonders what her best friend, Kelly, is doing these days. Is she still doing lap dances, or is a baby sitting on it instead?

Does anyone else ever do this?


SueShap said...

I never make up elaborate stories like that, but boy, I would if they would be that funny!!


War Bride said...

That woman is so fake.

Mama P said...

Maybe she's a man?