Sunday, November 06, 2005

I've Been Maid Crazy

So that last obnoxious post re: a maid? I take it back. Not that I didn't feel that at the time, but it's pretty rude to tell people what to get you... especially since I don't really do gifts anyway. Please see it as the altered state of too many nights without James, too many days with kids. James took over a bit more this weekend, the office is almost cleaned out, I'm about to drink a beer and finish off the bedroom paint... life is better.

And James is getting me two days of maid service for Xmas, so everyone can tell me to shut up now about cleaning. Bring on the cheese logs. Bring on the Bed Bath and Beyond soap. You're all going to get something special from one of my favorite class act thrift stores: Super Thrift, Out of the Closet or Salvation Army on Fifty Percent Off Thursdays.

Or a fabulous pair of green velvet fag overalls.

(No offense to any gay readership out there who might enjoy parading around in elf inspired holiday duds... you're fabulous, too. Unless you have no kids, a clean house and a maid. Then I hate you.)


Kim said...

Just sitting here laughing my ass off and happy to know I am related to such a wild woman!


Mama P said...

Oh, yeah, my beautiful cousin Kim! I am proud of myself... I made some serious Ebay money this week. Not 500.00 doorknob money like you've made, but I'm on my way. Come visit me soon again. Or I'll come crash at your place. I might be an Ebay millionaire at some point, but still too cheap to stay at a hotel when I can sponge off family.

Kim said...

Please come and crash here anytime. Bring your children, husband, dog, mom, brother and your entire fan base. All are welcome. You don't even have to call in advance!