Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Going Crazy... For Chicken

So I inserted a small adendum to my last post which I will repost here. This diamond nugget advice is crucial to all moms, busy gals, vegetarians and all around cheapskates, of which, out of these 4 categories, I fit 3.

** El Pollo Loco has the BEST dollar menu on the planet. I highly recommend the cheese quesadilla. For a buck you get four grilled pieces of flour tortilla with generous helpings of cheese. These steamy numbers are a savior for moms and non-moms alike. There's also the drumsticks, beans rice & cheese burrito- known to Pollofytes everywhere as the 'BRC' - and even churros (which I have not yet sampled given my penchant for giving up one addiction for the next. Sadly to say, I have yet to say "I have given up McDonald cookies and replaced them with... water! Chilly, delicious and life giving, they are soooo much better than fried lard patties! Mmmm, call me Aqua Mama!" So, on that note, I give you...

*** McDonald sugar cookies --- I love them so much... how do I count the ways? The buttery goodness, the crisp outside, the mushy inside... the changing toppings from season to season: orange sprinkles for Halloween, red and green for xmas, red white and blue for The Fourth of July. It's a sad stretch of time for me August through September when there's only plain cookies with sugar crystals on. If you hit on a good day, you might be treated to a few 4th of July hanger onners, but these leftovers can usually double as sugar craving fixes or hockey pucks. Regardless of texture or color, these bad boys come three for a dollar. My motto: If you're gonna keep your fat prego ass, do it for cheap.

More later. I'm off to finish painting my living room while Nick reads to Sophia upstairs. (This will most likely result in a new blog this evening about how he stuffed her in the lower pj drawer, but fingers crossed both walk out unscathed.)

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