Friday, March 24, 2006

Ebony and Ivory...

"...Live together in perfect harmony... side by side with a fridge in the livingroom... oh, lord, why can't we?"

So I am taking liberty with a very famous 1980's something song to bring you fabulous updates on my writing/kitchen floor re-model life (If you're too young to know this song, you can come to my home, stand in front of what used to be a pretty nice livingroom but now resembles a K.O.A. camping site sans bbq, and kiss my lilly white Mama P ass... I'm just that resentful)

Black and white is the theme of this post? Why? Let me share...

... I finished my Desperate Housewives spec. It is printed in full black and white glory. And unlike my pre-mama days of editing til the cows come home, I am done. As in 'no gray' 'no changes' 'this is it black and white DONE.'

...Photos of my construction zone home are being taken in black and white so that some time in the future I can remember heating up chicken via the microwave (10 nights in a row) and brewing coffee in the garage for myself and the Armenian flooring mob as 'the good 'ol days' (Thank you, Armenian flooring mob... you are too fabulous. Thanks, Cecelia for the recommendation)

... I am so tired I can't think straight... but even after long days of dropping off scripts to my agent while the kids zone in the back seat (me praying they don't wake up until I've at least cruised past Sunset... "Oh... did I pack the bottles? Check. Diapers? Check. Cell phone? Check. Porta potty for 405 traffic? Check. Wallet? Check. Sanity? Whooops....)... the sun always shines in full color for my little assistants who have a ball at a Beverly Hills park on the way home.

Let's hope that my Desperate Housewives opens up some doors for this here desperate housewife (who, in truth, is feeling not so desperate these days and more like grateful mama. But that kind of sentimentality will get me no where in this town. Shhh... don't let it out that Mama P is going soft.)

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Teri M. said...

You totally impress me. I said it once, and I'll say it again, YOU. ARE. THE. SHIZNIT.

I'm sending my prayers running after your script.