Friday, March 17, 2006

Flooring It

When you're displaced from your home due to flooring issues, with two toddlers to contend with, you have two choices: 1) Lose your mind 2) Stay busy. I have opted for choice #2, but due to overload, I am eeeeking my way into #1. This combined with rain and a spec script (one week overdue), countless obligations to read others' work, a baby shower and babysitting issues have left me feeling on the verge of panic. The two ways to deal with a slight anxiety disorder is to 1) Lose your mind or 2) Stay busy. See the conundrum?

Thanks to Rex, some awesome girlfriends, family and some prayer time, it's all working out. I should be so lucky to have the money to get a new floor... to have my free moments spent worrying about writing time as opposed to feeding my kids. I have said it before and I'll say it again... the key to happiness is not what you don't have, but what you do. That all said, just look at me funny during PMS and I'll tell you where to stick it. I'm that much of a hypocrite. (But I am trying not to be. Does that count?)

Side note: Now that I'm a mama, I no longer have a membership to an arts society or the gym, but I do belong to the zoo! I love it. There's so much to see. It's so clean. It's twenty minutes from my house on a clear traffic day. There's a huge play park in the center where I meet my other mom friends. I hope Stink and Pip have fond memories of walking past the pink flamingos and screaming "Puuuuu!" or "Look at that monkey... he's eating his own ca-ca!"

The picture above is of Stink and Mrs. V's handsome son, J J. Seeing my son light up in the presence of another rugrat is a site to behold and makes me proud. Can't even be sarcastic about that one.

Final note: It is with great irony that as I drive the 134 to the Zoo exit, I pass all my old haunting grounds: NBC, ABC, Disney and Warner Brothers. Even my dad is buried at the cemetary off Forest Lawn Drive. It's true that life moves on. I am of course saddened by the loss on both fronts (career and my wonderful father) but heartened by the hopes that I'm creating new memories. And maybe some stories that will help me back through those doors at the studios one day.

I'll keep you posted.



knocknock said...

I LUV your blogs !!!!


Mama P said...

Knock Knock is a certain pregnant ballerina who, by the way, is going to host a martini party for myself and Mrs.V. one day soon. (Of course, my martini will be alcohol free. Either that or cut to the 36 year old mama head down in the mobile home park fountain)