Thursday, March 02, 2006

A New "Microsoft" Outlook On Life

I can't say enough how Microsoft Outlook has changed my life. When everything is right in front of you, it's so easy to look and say "hmmm... 99 things are on the calendar for the kids... 29 for Rex... and 1 for me." And "gynecology appt." does not count as alone time.

I am eeking toward balance and scheduling myself for one 'WGA' event a month.

I am allotting myself time to make phone calls.

I am inserting blocks of pretty pink 'do your hair' time.

It has been a glorious epiphany for me that cleaning off baby poo with fabulous hair actually makes it more tolerable. Going to the market for last minute milk can be gratifying when some random person says "oooh, cute belt!"

Yes. I am investing in me a bit more which is paying off in two network meetings for show pitches.

This is paying off for my kids because, despite any ruckus that might ensue over 'Pipsqueak touched my shoe!' I can calmly, and rationally, parent my children because I have a little rabbit's foot called 'hope' in my back pocket - those same back pockets that are starting to sit a bit perkier on my booty thanks to my scheduled walking time (Thank you, Mrs. V., for venturing into the mall vortex with me on a regular basis for our pedestrian adventures.) * Side note: Never get in the way of two mamas with double wide strollers chatting vehemently about their husbands. Someone's gonna lose a body part .

As for Rex? He likes the payoff of a happier Mama P. But his overall feeling? "I could still use more sex."

Outlook is going to have to come with extra attachments for that one.

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