Friday, March 10, 2006

Gonna Getty Me Some

Top 10 things Pipsqueak and Stinker loved about our midweek field trip to the Getty Museum:

- Going round and round the tunnel (The parking structure)
- The crocodile lake (The Palace of Versaille inspired fountain on the main plaza)
- The train ride (The tram leading from the parking structure to the main grounds - and to be clear 'there is no crack in the track')
- The pyramids where Cleopatra sleeps (the stone facade buildings)
- The glass aligators (elevators)
- The tomb where you don't want to wake the mummy (the marble bathrooms)
- Scooby snacks in the restaurant and fancy agua (Costco fruit candy and plastic courtesy cups)
- The biiiiig water fountains
- The many signs. In particular: STOP. Spelled S-T-O-P. It is red. It does not mean go. Go is Greeeeeeen. And as Stink says "I am not 3. I am 'S' years old.' Okay buddy.
- The net (big steel art piece structure outside the tram)

For $7.00 parking and home made peanut butter sandwiches, you too can be enlightened by fine art.

For you mama and papas out there, I highly recommend The "Family Room" - an interactive kids venue on the upper plaza where art is reproduced in life size shadow boxes for little hands to play with. The stimulation makes it fun for the kids, and the one-door entry makes it a relief for the parents. While you might not make it into the main art galleries (unless you want a bunch of academic snoodies wondering why your kid is referring to the painting of the 1600 Baroque monk as 'The Creeper', it's certainly worth the trip for the fresh air, gorgeous plazas, incredible fountains and clean bathrooms.

Sadly for Stinker, we never did find "Eddy at the Getty"... but perhaps you will have better luck.

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knocknock said...

Good for you, mama p! Culture's a "good" thing!