Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Am Alive

But very tired. It's been a long week of living out of my livingroom. I shouldn't bitch... it's Easter season...and I'm so very grateful for my little ducklings. But when I think of pastels, I can't say 'pink eye' qualifies. And yet, it has hatched in little Stink's eye, keeping us up all hours of the night. Little Pipsqueak - Peepsqueak for keeping with the Easter theme - got in on the action last night screaming "Mama! Maaaama" and when I picked her up I was informed "Baaaa-tle (bottle)... jews in der (juice in there)...mama... couch... taaaay (stay)". Impressive vocabulary for 20 months? Yes. Impressive timing at 2am? Big bad buzzer sound.

On many positive notes, my script is done, so Susan, if you're reading this, turn it off and read my spec!

Our tile is so pretty that all my hyper perfectionist self can say is "Wow... now our walls realllly need to be repainted"...

I had an awesome lunch out with my mom and my kids a few days back. I intend to have many more just because my mom, for a 75 year old broad, is awesome. I'd tell you all where she lived so you could talk to her yourself, but she's already nervous that I'll say something private about her and ruin her mask of obscurity, so sorry. Here's a hint though that could reveal all.... caramel (that's so obscure, even she won't know what it means... maybe she'll reply to the blog and we'll work our way into the darkness)

Got some awesome thrift store deals - including a Ralph Lauren almost- new tote for 10 bucks. Loooove it. I feel so very Jackie O with it. Except I lost my sunglasses. And I'm carrying diapers in it. And I accompany it with muffin top Old Navy jeans. But that aside, I'm very stylish.

I am spending much time with Rex who has just been a doll as of late. Thank you, sweet husband.

I found a new online friend - Teri M - who has similar sensibilites to me. Even more important, she has the coolest kitchen on the planet. Her link to come when I can get my blog roll going... While I don't lack in random observations that could fill the Roman Colliseum (and no, haven't been there... and yes, Macy... even if I did get to Rome, I'd probably spend 4 days in a hotel room, almost miss the bus, get there for 2 minutes, snap a photo and take a kitten home in my purse)... I am lacking in the blog link department. (Wow, do I get an award for the longest run-on, and possibly most uninteresting to anyone but Macy and myself, sentence on the planet? Even my explanation was long. Fuck it all. You hear me? I'm cussing, because it's late and I'm PMSing and sometimes you need to and yes this is a run-on also FUUUUUUUUCK IT ALL)

Oh, my first point... To a lovely new online mama, Teri, thanks for fixing my photo a few weeks back! Now all you have to do is decorate my kitchen via online photo shop and my admission to blogspot (thus far a big fat zero) will be worth it!

Better, more inspiring posts to come later, with topics such as: why do I want a third baby when I'm pushing 40, my husband has had a vasectomy, and I'm so disorganized that my son got 2 days/week next year in school rather than 3 since I couldn't remember his registration? Am I just that nuts? Or am I just that maternal: this motherly saint-like deity of self-less love that exceeds ditzy mama p'ness and even the Diet Coke empire? I'm thinking the first theory, but time will tell.......


Teri M. said...

Yaaay, you're back! Mmmmissed you! Thanks for the shout out! What else can I say and put an exclamation at the end of it?!

You made me bluuuush. ;-)

Congrats on the kitchen fixes, the pain is worth it, right?

Hope the rugrats are feelin' fine soon! (hey, got another ! in! heehee)

yer the shiznit, girl! HA !!!!!!

(ok, I'm over the exclamation point thing.)

SueShap said...

Read the spec last night, before ever reading the blog for the day.

Love ya,

SueShap said...

By the way, loved that you captured the show so well. Will talk to you later.