Friday, March 03, 2006

It's Friday Night Martini Time

Internet Martinis, that is. As anyone that knows me can attest, I'm way too much of a geek to actually drink alcohol of any substance without falling on my mama bootie. And believe me, 6 '1 is a long way to fall. But I digress...

The 3rd very prestigious worth nothing -but-all-my-gratitude-and-love-for -your-existence Martini goes to...

Mtn Meg!

She earned her name for her love of all things mountains: skiing, hiking and no hills being too high, emotionally or physically, to climb.

I have known her since I was 14 (Texas Lizy, Mama P & Meg make 3). Out of the 3 of us, she was the first one to go to prom, make a sports team, and get laid - All very big honors for us slow to develop Catholic girl highschoolers. (And if Meg were typing this she'd include "and I'm still waiting for two things to develop... you got me beat on that, Mama P" )

Mtn Meg has lived in Arizona, San Francisco, Chicago, Colorado, France and now she's back in Los Angeles. She's an inch shorter than me, but a good twenty pounds less. If I didn't love her so much I'd hate her. She is heeeeelarious. She can talk the balls off a brass monkey, tell a raunchy joke better than a drunk frat boy (in fact, she has probably told many to a drunk frat boy) but she's also wicked smart and good hearted. In fact, despite our very different lives, she has remained loyal and true. (ex: at one point she was telling me about her extravagant sushi dinner while I was cleaning up after the family dog. I commented "this is the difference between you and me. You're telling me how you bent over backwards in a yoga move to give a guy a kiss --- I'm picking dog shit off my lawn." We still connect)

My favorite story about her is in regards to the photo above. She and her friend (blindfolded to protect the innocent - Meg is on the left) dressed up as sexy UPS workers for Halloween this year. They proceeded to walk up to unsuspecting men and ask "Excuse me, sir... may I inspect your package?"

As fate would have it, she met a lovely man who she is still dating to this day - quite a feat for our lovely marathon runner (who can not only run long distances, but has had her share of running away from not so great men - go go go Meg!) This man goes by the name of Richard.

I had to laugh, because only Meg would go to a Halloween party, inspect packages, and start dating a man named Dick.

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