Thursday, June 22, 2006

Doing 2 Push-ups

Yesterday, as I sat in the hot sun under our "gazebo" (our 199.00 K-mart overhang) I was happily flipping through the Pottery Barn catalog (where, lo and behold, the same "gazebo" cost 499.00). My kids sat in their swim clothes, contently slurping on Scooby Doo push-ups. Stink touched the beach towel page with a sticky finger and inquired, "Mommy, you love us a lot, huh?" At which I set the magazine down and answered, "Stink, I love you so much, my heart could break." At which point he put down his push-up and said "Don't worry, Mommy... I won't let your heart get broken."

Luckily I had my sunglasses on so he couldn't realize that it was far too late for that.


Teri M. said...

List under perfect examples of "Out Of The Mouths Of Babes".

So precious!

SueShap said...

That is beautiful, how incredibly sweet!!