Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

In my case, this means sitting down at the computer and working on my queries while the kids watch their morning tv. I am finding that getting a jump start kicks off the guilt that usually settles on me mid-day and motivates me to put in some extra time. Like a first draft of a scene, something on paper is better than nothing and a great starting point for rewrites.

That said, Mrs. V. popped by today with JJ and Baby V. She also brought her Super Nanny with her, allowing us to sit and chat relatively uninterrupted. I do believe this is good karma finding its way to my door after giving my time with Cecelia yesterday. I decided to be equally good to my body and eat a healthy Chinese Chicken salad, no bread, decaf coffee.

Then I ran an errand and bought a Carls Jr. #1 Value Meal, came home and brewed myself a nice cup of regular joe.

This could be why I'm typing 1000 words per minute and my stomach feels more bloated than William Shatner.

It's like a reverse childbirth: The "it was worth it" comes first, the pain comes second. Who cares. I just revised a great query. I'm going to make a fortune writing magazines. I'll get a personal trainer (preferably named Carl, Jr.) and go from 189 to 188.5 pounds. (I'm realistic, anyway.)

And now, it's time to pass out in a food coma. (I mean, in a "Yeah, I did it!" coma.)

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Teri M. said...

Carl's Jr, William Shatner and personal affirmation all in one post. Of course you are going to make a fortune writing magazines. They'd be nuts to reject you.