Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hugs hugs, kiss kiss

No, I'm not talking about my meeting earliar today. I'm referring to the fact that I just put the rugrats down. Stink is snoring. Pip is pipping. As long as I'm typing, all is good.

But speaking of the meeting, it went well. Of course it took me an hour to get there, and then I went to the wrong building (leaving my mother on the curb with Stink screaming "Mommy, have fun at the haunted factory!") but I made it. The development person (who I will call Chatty - since that is what we did for the twenty minutes I was there) asked me to send him some of my material. So I will.

Chatty might also check into my blog - so if you're reading, thanks for a nice meeting. I really can contribute to your shows as long as I supress the urge to cut up other writer's food for them, comb their hair or ask them if they need to go pee-pee

In conclusion, my readership now includes housewives, grandmas, one single dad in Montana, a therapist, an agent and a Hollywood producer.

Hugs! Hugs! Kiss! Kiss!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, My Aunt. Did my mom tell you that I'm releasing an album? She told me to get in touch with you, thinking you might want to order or something.. so I am doing that right now. You should write me an email sometime if you get the time; and if you feel like buying the record, you can find it here: