Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dradle Dradle Dradle

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to lead the life I do. To have this wonderful husband and children. To have my health. To have a house. I get so wrapped up in "This one said that" or "Rex did this" or "I forgot to do that..." and I start to spin more than a little dradle at Hannuka. (I might be a waffling Christian, but I know my Hebrew references, too. Stay tuned for a nod to the Persians.)

My generation of moms are an interesting cross of people. We're educated enough to want the best for ourselves , but naive enough to think we're always gonna get it. Which leads to us crying that Prince Charming didn't ask us about our day watching the changing of the guard (and changing of the diapers) twenty three times. And does he even care that his horse took a dump on the palace driveway... guess who gets to clean it while the Prince looks for his remote control?) And the funny thing is, most of us are most upset not over what the reality is, but the fact that our lives don't live up to the fantasy. Which is dumb, because fantasies don't exist. We know that because, bringing us back to my original point, we're educated.

Hence the spinning.

I'm dizzy. And some horse is trying to hump my SUV. Talk about horse power.

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