Friday, June 16, 2006

A Toddler Ran Through It

My kids had a blast yesterday, so let me just say that Coldwater Canyon Park rocks. Literally. Lots of cool stones in this man-made river made my kids very happy campers. Of course, since this was Beverly Hills, the water was luke warm and running just ever so gently to give the illusion of rapids.

My ex-writing partner's wife joined me, with her two kids, and we spent the whole time talking business - such a treat. On her end, she created this amazing Mommy/Yoga DVD It's like Baby Einstein meets Kathy Smith where the instructor on the screen shows moms how to exercize with their babies, but there's a little cut out at the bottom of the screen with pretty ocean life scenes for the kids to focus on and not get bored. She's already got a distributor and has it on Amazon. Even a famous movie star emailed her about how much she loved the DVD. (No, not Angela Jolie. Or Julia Roberts. A new mom-to-be.)

I am always inspired when I see other moms creating niches for themselves while taking care of the kids. And the beautiful landscape doesn't hurt either.

After Heidi left, I ended up talking to a Spanish nanny. She was surprised I spoke Espanol, but even more shocked that I wasn't the babysitter. (Lots of kids/caretaker combos at this particular place. No judgement, just saying.)

Bottom line, I was infused with a new spirit on life and purpose. Then later that night, Rex and I had a fight on our way to dinner which resulted in me being dropped off at a restuarant by myself.

I would have been happier with the fight had it taken place in front of a man-made creek. But such is life in the San Fernando Valley.

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