Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Four Play

As in 4 kids. As in I am watching 4 kids this week (two of my own, two neighbor kids). Yes, I am officially that mom. Hard as I try to nail those magazine articles (just sent out my 4th query yesterday, thank you very much) I still reign as the SUV, overloaded beach bag slingin' cul de sac mama who's available for childcare while other moms go to work. Call me Alexander the Grape Juice Box carrier - conquering all parks in my quest for toddler satisfaction.

And I am not complaining. (Well, I am, but I'm trying not to, because I know I have it good. And this brother/sister duo? They're like the Power Rangers of good behavior. Either this is what I have to look forward to when my kids are 4 and 7, or their mom drugs them with Tylenol before she drops them off.) I know that one day I'll be back at a desk, or freelancing furiously like my bud, Toni, and then I'll be bitching about lack of time with my rugrats and having to turn down friends who need help. Life is just whacked that way.

Meanwhile, however, I'm making the most of summer. Lots of swimming, lots of playing in the sprinklers, using our arms as faux bats for toddler t-ball, hitting the library, walks, random museums... and let's not forget the excitement of ironing, laundry and floor sweeping. It never ceases to amaze me how kids love to help out in chores like this. Ask Stink to put his shoes away? Nothing doing. But "Can you press the dryer button?" and you'd think he won a truckload of Scooby snacks.

As for my daughter, well... she's helpful... but she might be taking after me in the domestic department. (See photos).

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Jen said...

OK, I am Teri M.'s SIL, Jen. She talks about your blog a lot and I had to check it out.

WAY TOO COOL! Love the insights and the family.

I'll be checking in from time to time!