Friday, June 02, 2006

The War and Arak

I found some sad irony in the fact that while much of the world is at war, I enjoyed a beautiful awards dinner with Rex this evening. As we basked in calm of a Valley sundown and waited for the hall doors to be open, we talked to a fellow Sunday school teacher about the commonalities between her Lebonese culture and Rex's Italian one. And yes, you guessed it, alcohol came up. While Rex's family brings in Xmas eve with more after dinner drinks than Bush has excuses, Edwina's family celebrates with a drink called Arak (pronouced A-Raq.) It's a combo of water, ice, and anise flavored alcohol that is sweet and deadly all at once - much like my addiction to Diet Coke.

The conversation soon led to cartoons, public vs. private education, religion and the ever comfortable subject of weather. No one touched politics. I for a reason was relieved. Maybe it's because I'm just now becoming more cognizant of world politics - like a virgin, I need some experience before I can maneuver around comfortably. Maybe I enjoyed the small talk because I really am a vapid woman who won't do anything more with her life than raise kids, sell forty bucks/month on Ebay and watch Desperate Housewives. Perhaps I reveled in it because I didn't have to worry about Rex (not much of a talker) struggling to keep up a friendly banter with people he just met.

But the closest reasoning I can think of for my relief at chit chat was that the world itself is becoming so damn scary that it was a welcome relief to the daily thoughts of "Why are Americans shooting at pregant Iraqi civilians?"... "What if my kids ever walk into a busy street?"... "What will happen once my childhood home is sold?"... "What if I never get a real job again?" "What if something happened to Rex?"

Thinking about this stuff can get anyone nuts. It's so much easier to laugh and tell jokes about farts. Or drink beer. Which often makes you fart. A win win for everyone (especially those with colds who have the benefit of plugged noses.)

Yes, yes, gas passing is very juvenile. Perhaps I enjoy it so much because I am so vapid. But it's probably because the world is so intimidating and I enjoy the laughter induced by something so silly. But we already went through this, didn't we?

On a final and positive note, after grueling labor and an emergency C-section, Cecelia had a beautiful baby girl! I will refer to this child here on out as "Finn" - because she's finn-ally here. And after Cecelia's graphic birthing details, she may indeed be finn-ished.

Everyone, let's pour ourselves a glass of Arak and toast this new life! And let's toast our soldiers in Iraq who are guarding ours. And finally, if you know a great fart joke, I'd love to hear it. Pun intended.

* Pictured: Bottles of Arak. Rex already has plans to buy some next week. I'll keep you posted on the taste.

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