Sunday, May 14, 2006

10 Reasons Mothers Day Is Better Than Christmas

1. I slept in until 9:00.
2. All holiday cards were written for me (in this case, individual cards from Pip, Stink and Rex).
3. I was given the gift of time: Rex made the kids breakfast while I went for a long walk to the mall.
4. Instead of snow or rain we had the most beautiful sunny weather a mama could ask for.
5. I did not cook dinner but instead ate a doughnut and drank cappucino (Sorry Dr. Oz - see post below)
6. I did not fall asleep at 6 in an exhausted frenzy, but instead waved goodbye to a babysitter while Rex and I headed to dinner in Burbank (Here's a plug for Market City Cafe in Burbank's media district. Despite their title, there was no marketing to be had... just lots of eating under heat lamps followed by a plesant walk through an old bookstore). It was sad to not buy groceries, milk or toilet paper, but I got through the night.
7. I did not hear Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer 12 times in five minutes but instead listened to whatever dumb country station I pleased (Not that there's going to be world peace thanks to lyrics like "Those panty hose ain't gonna last too long, when the dj puts Bon Jovi on... She might come home in a table cloth, yeah tequila makes her clothes fall off."
8. I did not clean my house as I was too busy running from it.
9. Pipsqueak climbed on top of me and said "I love you" - all unprompted. Thank you, little love bug. You make me glad to be alive. You too, Stinker. Now go to sleep! I hear you Scooby Dooey Doooing all the way from the office!
10. Rex obliged me with geeky photo booth photos (above). Thank you Rex. See? A girl doesn't need much to keep her happy. Just a few hours, some validating cards and some food. If you could only wait on me hand and foot for the rest of your life, all would be so good!

And 11. (Because I'm in the Christmas... err... Mother's Day spirit... we had great parking, no wait thanks to reservations and I refrained from Diet Coke and alcohol which means I am currently typing, not vomiting)

If this isn't the most wonderful time of the year, I don't know what is.


Tanning Lotion said...

If you are a Mom, you deserved the day. Good Luck.

Teri M. said...

ok, yeah... then I posted the happy m-day thing on the wrong day! duh, me!

Glad you had such a loverly day. :-)