Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Downtown... Everything's Waiting for You

After a two hour drive, the two rug rats and I descended upon Mickey's version of Citywalk - Downtown Disney. We met my cousin and her hubby, Macy and Fry, for lunch. It was my third time there, and I have to say, it's fun. Commercialism be damn, the weather was perfect, the music was catchy, the plants were blooming and things were spotless. That's more than I can say for my house. Even the parking, if you're there less than 3 hours, is free.

Not to say we didn't spend money. I of course bought the kids lunch. And Aunt Macy, who has no children, was kind enough to take Stink to Build a Bear where he could design his own stuffed animal. We joke that I buy his food, she buys his love. It's a sweet relationship.

Lucky me - I got to ride home to an overstuffed dog singing Happy Birthday in velcro surf shoes. (I shouldn't complain... Stink actually fell asleep ten minutes into the drive.)

If the kids like Downtown Disney this much, imagine what they're going to do when I actually break down and take them into the theme park? I have two words for you: toddler leash.

I conclude with a note on Cecelia who, true to her impeccably organized self, always manages to stop by for a chat when the kids have just fallen asleep. (Though I am grinning internally, and now externally, on her grand concept to keep her baby socks together: every time she takes off a pair, she plans on saftey pinning them together before they go in the wash. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! If she pulls this off for more than a month, I vow to show my most unflattering pregnancy picture to the world via this blog.)

My point about Cecelia: just when I think her belly can't drop any further she manages to surprise me as her unborn child nosedives further and further south. I have this bizarre desire to wrap my arms around her and guide her to the car, less this kid drops out on my geraniums.

It's been a good week full of Ebaying, McDonald's play areas, visiting with moms-to-be, hanging out with grandmas in Oxnard and setting up Rex's associate with an old acquaintance of mine I ran into at Costco near the hot dog stands. I hope all of you are having an equally nice one.

I just heard a tsunami size splash. Thought Cecelia had stopped by for a visit, but it turns out my sprinklers just went on.


Teri M. said...

Please tell me you went into Basin? Their Body Butter?? Bath Bombs!! Purrrrrrr!!! And I loved the big fountain that shoots water up really high 'n' stuff.

Your poor friend - I'm empathectically (hm - word?) uncomfortable for her.

So, do we call you Mama Y(enta) now? ;-)

Mama P said...

I did not go into any stores where my children could potentially eat their products. Body butter? Not only would Dr. Oz probably oppose, but my body is so big, it might put me into the negative more than the gas down there. Hey, Teri, LOOOOVE your blog! People, check her out!

Teri M. said...

LOL - Really, you must MUST try it sometime. Really. I insist.

Thanks for the props!! I love your's, too - ya make me laugh, ya make me cry. You rock. But, um, it's actually

Some dillweed took the other one and as far as I know hasn't done anything with it. I was annoyed.

cecelia said...

Oh yeah??? Well, we will see who laughs last when Martha Stewart invites me on her show to share my "ingenious" way of keeping baby socks from getting lost in the wash. I'm looking forward to seeing this unflattering preggo picture in all its glory... ;-))

And one more thing--don't you know amniotic fluid is a GREAT garden fertilizer? I'm gonna share that on Martha's show, too.

Mama P said...

Cecelia - Perhaps the time spent concocting witty retorts could be spent with a megaphone aimed toward your fetus. If you're stuck on what to say, here's two possible suggestions: "GET OUT!"