Monday, May 22, 2006

Puff Daddy... Err... Mommy

On our drive home from the McDonald's play area, I commented on the beautiful blue sky - a nice alternative to our rain of late. Stink quickly chimed in, "And look at the biiiiig white fluffy clouds. I want to touch them. But to get there, I need to fly. I'm going to need a Super Hero Mommy."

Then later today he kept busy setting the table while I made a fancy meal of boiled chicken and applesauce. He kept nudging Pipsqueak ,"Come on... we have sooooo much hard work to do." Then he made a huge "train track" with his puffy letters. (Puffy is a big word in our household.)

And just thinking about the clean-up is making my eyes puffy.

In closing I'm not a joint smoker, but if I were, perhaps now would be a good time to take a puff. But since the only grass tended around here is our front lawn, I'll just wait for Super Hero Papa to come home from work and lend me a hand.

Wait, he's gone to Detroit.

I will wait for my fairy godmother to arrive in a puff of smoke. (But for that to happen I guess I better jump on the joint train.)

In closing, I can't really complain. My kids have been great today. I'm gonna drink some extra coffee tonite, put the kids bed, stay up late and organize videos. I miss Rex, but to be geeky and stinky feels nice.

I hope all of you, puff free or not, have an equally relaxing evening.

And puff... Mama P is outta here.

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Teri M. said...

That Stink is a busy little man! I did notice how nicely that gorgeous tile goes with everything.

Super Hero Dad out of town? Welcome to my world... my kid has been so used to it that I have to keep reminding her that she can actually ask HIM to take her places or if she can use his bat bag or if she can spend a week in Bakersfield with some girl I've only met once. "I don't know ASK YOUR FATHER." "I'll have to talk to your father about that." Her response to that last: "He'll say he doesn't care." I'm so amazingly sick of that phrase. Oops. Didn't mean to rant.