Friday, May 26, 2006

The Bounty Hunter

Thanks to my mom, I have a new favorite show, The Bounty Hunter. It's on A&E and stars Dog, his wife, Beth, and an eclectic posse of family and sidekicks. If Dog himself doesn't bring down the bad guy, his wife's huge kahunga's will. If you haven't already done so, check them out. (Not her kahunga's... the show.)

I had a showdown of my own today with the downstairs tv room. No stain, fuzz ball or random Cheerio was safe. Of course, I hunted with Bounty paper towels, but you get the point.

On other notes, poor Pipsqueak has this terrible hick-up cough dealy doo that I took her to Kaiser for. Not exactly how I wanted to begin my Friday night, but she just didn't sound right. Thank God she's okay, but miserable. Even an hour on papa didn't calm her down, so we finally stuck her in bed with a bottle. Hopefully her teeth won't rot and she'll wake up more rested.

On my way home from urgent care I got a panicked call from Cecelia's husband..."She's not answering the phone! Can you go over there? You have permission to kick in the door if she doesn't answer!"

Cue action music as I blaze over there quicker than I can down two dozen Twin Dragon cookies. There was her car in the driveway - all house lights blaring. Sweet relief turned to dread when, after ringing the bell, I got no answer. I had the urge to take Slim up on his offer and kick in the entry way. After all, that's what we bounty hunters do, right? We pound, scream, and when there's no answer, ka-baaaaam!

Then I realized my glove compartment stored a key.

After a quick scan of the joint, I let myself in, and what did I find? Blood? Glass shattered? Cryptic foot prints?

Just a nine month pregnant woman taking a shower. (Well, heard her, not saw her. And she sounded pretty annoyed. Rightly so. I scared the living placenta outta her.) I took off and headed home for my night time ritual.

While sticking Stink in bed, we started talking about living things. I informed him that we are all human beings, at which he chimed in, "I'm not a human being. I'm a human nut."

And so is Dog and Beth. And so am I. And if any of you out there are human nuts, I applaud you.

Though the Human Nut Award of the day goes to Cecelia who, despite being ready to drop her own human nut any second, still managed to come by with flowers for me this evening. Very unnecessary but so appreciated! I shined up my old tarnished tea pot and there they sit. Right next to the wedding picture of Dog and Beth.

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Teri M. said...

DunDaDAAAA! Mama P to the rescue!