Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kids Say The Darndest Things...

...Usually because they repeat whatever they hear from us.

Top 10 Things My Kids have said lately

Code Key

*** = not one of my prouder moments.

((( = "Excuse me while I wash my mouth out with soap"

+++ =Something I taught them to say for my own benefit.

1. Me to Stink (as I rub cream on his dry back): "Your skin is so happy to have this baby lotion." Stink: "That's not baby lotion - it's BIIIIIG boy lotion."

2. Pip dropping her bottle on her foot. "Jezzzis Crys!" *** (((

(She had just heard me say that when I dropped a coffee cup on my foot. Luckily she hasn't repeated it since. I'm so going to hell. Or going to have to take the kids out of Catholic preschool.)

3. Me: "Oooh, I made a mistake" Nick: "No, you're perfect." Me: "Oh stop." Stink: "It's true!" +++

4. Stink, first thing in the morning, after he shows up in my office with a stolen lollypop from the cookie jar. Stink: "Can I have this? (Hopeful grin) Of course I can?" How could I say no?

5. Pip, after excitedly seeing Rex home from work. Pip: "Paaaapa! Bottle! Milk in der! On couch!" So sweet that Papa is instant comfort.

6. Stink, as we say goodnight "Te Amo, Mommy. Bunas Noches! Uno mas? Uno mas?" (Love you Mommy / Good night / One more? One more? ) Meaning - one more word? Me: "Are you just wanting to learn a new word to stay up later?" Stink: "Yes, mommy!" At least he tells the verdad.

7. Stink, re: the difference between boys and girls. "I have a peanut. Pipsqueak has a boogina"

8. Pip: "I waaaaant dat, Mama!" (On one hand I find the constant demands irritating, but on the other, I am so proud of her for using sentences rather than pushing, shoving and throwing herself on the floor in the freezer aisle"

9. Pip, grabbing my drink from my hand, "Give it baaaaack, Mommy"

10. Me to Stink. Me: "You're the best!" Stink: "You're the best , too, Mommy! And Pip's the best!" Pip: "I the best! I the best!"

And finally, to complete the list, let me say that I love these kids so much I can't... Stink, finish it for me... Stink: "You can't stand it." Then, as he always adds, "You can stand it, Mommy. You caaaan stand it."

Sometimes, after a long day, I really can't stand.


Then again, my vertical challenge is how I ended up with Pip and Stink.

Lack of Period.

It's all very circular.

* Pictured: Pipsqueak last week, screaming "Surprise!" over and over.


SueShap said...

Very funny, and I am sure all very true. Love that you have blogged every day this week. I always love going to see when you have something new up.

Love ya, and hang in there.


Teri M. said...

Ooooh man! I miss the cute wittle comments from my monster!

Yours cracked my sh*t up. ;-)