Monday, May 08, 2006


I adore Ebay. You never know when you're going to come home from a playdate and find that someone in Wisconscin bid fifty cents for your Tiajuana monkey lawn ornament.

I have also learned so much about the human psyche. A brand new non-name brand leather bag might get zero bids. But a plastic 25 cent tote with a slapped on Disney logo? That can go for five bucks. Our society is so obsessed with name brands that we don't even know who we are without our steamy cup of Starbucks, our Nike shoes and our Cingular cell phones. Consumerism is so out of control and dehumanzing and so... brilliant. How else is this little housewife gonna make some ducets? (Until my queries land me something... I'm still working on that.)

High on my Starbucks, and entreprenuerial spirit, this weekend I hit my favorite 98cent store and slapped down 100.00 on some kids totes, hoping to double or triple my profit. Any irritation I had over the Indian cashier recounting my bags right after I tallied them in front of him were over shadowed by Disney style glee. Turns out that not an hour after posting someone bid on 7 of my Tinkerbell bags. (See above... they really are cute.)

While these green girls will most likely will get used as party favors for some little princess's birthday party, I love the idea that seven queens are using these little fairies for make-up. Or electric razors.

The ten dollars I'll make off of shipping and price doubling? Nice. The value I'll get from the buyer's backgrounds that I concoct? (Or in this case, con-cock?) Priceless.

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