Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Good Grandmas

I don't get moms who have issues with grandmas. I've heard everything from, "I don't like the way she baby talks my child" to "Can you believe she gave my toddler fruit snacks? Corn syrup is the devil!" My favorite, "She tells my daughter 'good girl.' My daughter is good because she's human... I only want her saying 'you do good things' but not refer to her spirit."

And I thought my kids' diapers had a lot of shit in them.

Now I know I'm gonna get internet slapped for this one, but while moms these days are entitled to bitch about being exhausted and sometimes depressed, then they have no right to complain if they have some old lady relatives willing to help out.

Maybe I'm too slack. I wasn't the type that interviewed pediatricians. I don't care if my kid goes to school Tuesday and Thursdays or Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'm happy with the grey city paint of an HMO reception office as opposed to a faux painted waiting room littered with chic parenting magazines. I don't freak out if Stink wears his shoes on opposite feet or if Pipsqueak puts a barette on backwards. I treat my kids with respect on a daily basis. If someone wants to compliment them by telling them how good they are, so be it. (I draw the line at "you bad bad dwarf")

And most of all, I certainly don't care if my mom wants to let my kid "nap" at her house (translation: watch tv, eat cookies and read 10 books in her bed) while I get a much needed break (so I'm not the depressed, exhausted mom mentioned above).

Mom, Rex's mom, or Stel: if you're reading this, thanks for spoiling my kids rotten. You're good women. (And I do mean "good" in terms of spirit. I hope I'm not going to send you screaming into therapy. Now turn off this blog, eat cookies and go back to your t.v. coma.)

* Pictured: Stink, wide awake after his long snooze in grandmas bed. Ha!


Teri M. said...

Ok, classic picture!

And: AMEN! I don't know what I would have done without my mom or my MIL. And now they've moved out of state, so I have the bonus of getting a break for a couple of weeks at a time! heehee

Toni said...

Dude. WORD. I know moms who are quick to say "I would NEVER tolerate that from my mom/mother-in-law" when it comes to expressing opinions/input. I never got to know either of my grandpas, one grandma was (putting it politely) off her pierogi and the other was beyond selfish. I revel in letting both grandmas spoil my kids rotten; it's their privilege as far as I'm concerned.