Saturday, May 13, 2006

My Mom is the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I had a wonderful time
Hanging out with that Mom of mine
She not only thinks my kids are the best
But takes them from me so I can rest
She thinks all of their poo poos are cuter than gold
And has spunk and a spirit that defies being old
She'll probably kill me for showing her pic
So look while you can (I might take it down quick)

I know many of you have moms that you love
But mine is most definitely sent from above
And at almost six feet, I do mean "above"
With white hair and long legs she looks kick ass and tough
But despite stoic features she's really a softie
(Just don't try to talk to her before she's had coffee)

The reason I love hanging out with my mama
Is she's a true modern thinker (who rolls with my drama)
If I'm in blue jeans, no makeup, unshaven and smelly
She'll still split a bagel with me in a deli
She reads all my blogs (and even my scripts)
And even the bad ones she calls fabulous
I only hope that when my kids move away
They'll dig me like I dig my mom to this day

PS: Okay, so this poem was shot from the hip
But I have just two moments so please deal with it
The kids are now bathing, I hear water dripping
(And something that sounds mysteriously like licking)
The point that I'm making, like it or not
Is we can't choose our moms so let's love what we've got
And if your mom's passed away (like me - lost my dad)
Than be a mom to another - trust me you'll be glad
For we might have at birth been cut from the cord
But we never stop wanting to be loved and adored
And now that this PS is longer than life
I thank you for reading and wish you good night!
Oh and of course, the last thing I want to say
Is all of you Happy Mothers Day!


cecelia said...

How in the hell
Are you able to rhyme so well?

If only I had more class
I wouldn't use words like "hell" or "ass"

Mama P said...

Let's face it, your preggers
With your very first baby
For the next thirteen months
You'll be nothing but crazy
But if you need rhyme
To pass breast feeding time
Then just call Mama P
And I'll send words to thee
It's that or watch Dora 36 times
(If I were you, sister, I'd stick to the rhymes)

Teri M. said...

a day late, but HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! :-*