Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Slumber Potty

Stink had his first sleepover tonite: Translation: No "sleep", I'm "over" it.

It's safe to put me down as verifiably insane to let him have his cousin crash in his room (for the first time) while Rex is out of town.

To be fair to my adorable niece (seen above), she was a perfect angel. The oddest thing happened, too: she actually did what I asked her to. It was amazing. Let's go over the difference between a 3 year old boy and 4 year old female, shall we?

Example #1

Me: Stinker, brush your teeth.
Stink: But I have to go pee pee.
Me: Then go pee pee.
Stink: But I have to put on my pants.
Me: Put them on after you go pee pee.
Stink: But I have to brush my teeth.


Me: H, brush your teeth.
H: I already did. I'm in bed reading my book quietly. (And so she was)

Example #2

Me: Stink, it's time to go to sleep.
Stink: Just one more story.
Me: Go to sleep.
Stink: But I'm thirsty.
Me: Fine, here's your drink.
Stink: (shriiiiiekkk) I spilled it.
Me: Try sitting up next time. (Arrrrrrggggg. Drawer open. Drawer close. Shirt toss to Stink in the dark.) Here's a shirt.
Stink: Don't throw Mommy. Time out.
Me: Just put it on.
Stink: I can't see. Turn on the light.
Me: I'll do it for you then.
I hastily put on his shirt.
Stink: I don't like the truck one! I want the Scooby one!
Me: Oooh, suddenly you have night vision?
Stink: I'm not a knight on television. I'm Stiiiiiiinker! One more story?
Me: No.
Stink: Two more?
Me: (Deep breath) Do I need to send H home?
Stink: Yes, send H home.
Me: I'm not gonna send her home, G.D.!
Stink: Because you're gonna tell one more story?


Me: H, go to sleep.
H: Okay, I'm tired. But can you stop talking?

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Teri M. said...

Laugh out loud, yet again.

Rest in the knowledge that as soon as they hit puberty, the tables are turned! SIGH

I called The Girl a changeling the other day and she actually said,"That would be so cool!"


(holy crap, you've totally kicked my butt on # of posts lately! Teach me, sensei.)