Saturday, May 27, 2006

I Got Plenty of Nothing

And nothing's plenty for me... Well, not really, but it has to be.

Here's the skinny on the many irons in the fire ("iron" being "ironic" as I hardly ever iron my clothes. In fact, when I think "iron", I think "ic".)

My point? Ah... waiting to hear from:

* Nickelodeon re: using our house for some kids' tv show. We're in the running, so fingers crossed

* A few magazines I have queried. They are big nationals, so my chances are low. I need to move onto some shelter magazines, apparently. Whatever those are. More time and research to come.

* Ebay... what the hell! I have had so few bids the past two weeks. And I'm so disappointed. My Tinkerbell bags sold so well, but now I can't find them wholesale for a decent price or I'd sell those.

* Any scripts out there... is anyone reading me, Susan? Why has Desperate Housewives not responded to my Desperate Housewives from this desperate housewife. Do they not see the perfect union they are missing?

Here's my philosophy on it all (and this will probably change tomorrow.) But for anything to get done, I must do it myself. I must get this damn blog on a search site so that people can find me other than you fine folk (thanks for reading, by the way. And great suggestion, Cecelia.) I need to get my own product on Ebay that isn't reliant on some 98cent store in Chatsworth to supply me. Some boutique product of some sort. Perhaps some painted Elmo overalls or Scooby Doo patched jeans. (Of course I can't sew or paint, but what the hell.) And I need to write a new movie of some sort and then really push it. (Of course, time is needed in all this equation, and I am a mama first and foremost.)

So perhaps I need patience.

Any of you out there going through that? I say we plug away and do the best we can but keep going. Yes?

Life could be so much worse. I look at the news and see the genocide happening around the world. The poverty. The loneliness. And I sit here and type that I don't have enough feedback? I should be so lucky.

Don't have much more to say except it's Saturday Night. Rex and I are going to pay bills and watch Modern Marvels, The History of the Cheeseball. (Okay, can I complain about that?)

Shutting up now.

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Teri M. said...

I'm impressed with all your irons. You inspire me, actually doing things plus mamaing. I've got so many things I should be doing that trying to figure out what I should do first makes me tired, and then I hafta go lie down!

Just FYI, BlogMad has totally sent me more traffic than BlogExplosion, and they give more points for your surfing. So, go over to my site and click on my BlogMad button and sign up, cuz that way I'll get some extree points. What? Ulterior motive? Me? I don't know what you mean. lol