Monday, May 15, 2006

Border Issues

Like our President's speech this evening, I am here to discuss some issues with Borders - as in the Mexican chain restaurant, On the Border. The fact is that I may, or may not, have ingested a certain bubbly beverage of choice. Perhaps Bush can send a few of his 6000 National Guard to guard my willpower. If this became the case, in the future, I would, or would not, consume approximately 2.3 glasses of gaseous liquid, preventing certain toxic explosions. There would also be less energy issues, more financial security (as water is cheaper) and no fear of non-U.S. citizens clearing my table.

Speaking of tables, I may, or may not have, paid a babysitter under the table last night so I could dine out with Rex. As it turns out, she took these photos that I just found while downloading ebay shots. I love you, Alien! (Babysitter's code name: Alien - since not only does it go with the migrant worker theme of this blog, but she's the spitting image of Jennifer Garner.)

In closing... because I know you wacky women out there are wondering... am I worried about my husband having an affair with the hot babysitter? Not for a sci-fi second. People that look like Jennifer Garner have no need for my computer saavy husband who, again with the theme, actually is an alien from outer space. It's just groovy groovy on our little cul de sac of star trek geek love.

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Teri M. said...

OK, I know it's a chat code cliche, but: LOL!