Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Today can best be described as a series of ups and downs.

Down: I had about as much sleep last night as a solider guarding the queen thanks to Squeak's teething issues.

Up: I managed to organize most of the kids' Xmas and birthday treasure trove (Squeak's goes under her bed, Stink's near his door)

Down: We had to leave a Moms group early due to Stink's grabby behavior and Pip's screaming.

Up: Stella came by this afternoon with her typical assortment of pasta boxes, left over hangers, odds and ends of sauces, magazines and sweaters. She also brought her usual load of upbeat conversation, including some stories about some Japanese cousins the kids have thanks to someone named San San who married Stella's husband Gerado's sister's grandson's wife. It's all more exciting when she tells it, especially over a martini (Which she did not have today. In fact, she rushed off at 3, under the pretense of missing traffic. Personally, I would bet my son's preschool tuition that it was to be home for that 4:00 martini).

Down: Stink is not in the most agreeable post nap mood.

Up: I got some Ebay done while he hemmed and hawed over a cut-off Scooby Doo.

Down: Squeak dismantled my entire desk while I staked my Ebay claim.

Up: Rex will be home in an hour.

Down: It's now 4:00. What to do with the remaining hour? Go for a walk? Be a soccer monster? Teach Stink Farse?

Stay tuned.

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