Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rude Awakening

For those of you that don't know, I used to write for the Showtime series "Rude Awakening" (starred Sherilyn Fenn & Lynn Redgrave). (oooh, my maiden name is listed... I was Frazer back then)

Little did I know that I'd be having a rude awakening of my own five years later - in the form of rude people. Which I have run into quite a bit lately.

To back up, I was raised to be nice to people at all costs. Don't hit back. Give up your place in line to be nice. Share your toys. Always give people the benefit of the doubt. I have also been raising my own brood like this. Clearly my friends (many of over 20 years) live like this, too, as I don't have issues with them. Ever.

Clearly I've been living in a bubble the past few years, however, because,
for risk of sounding high handed (and I hate self righteousness) I've run into the most obnoxious people. It's mostly started since Stink began school. The 3 hour time frame between drop-off and pick-up forced Squeak and I out into the world at large. It was fuzzy at first, but now it's becoming a bit clearer. And it's something like this: people let their kids hit other kids with no consequences. They order bagels like they're kings and queens of the Chatsworth empire. "Gimme a pumpernickle... and a Dietetic Soda... no ice, extra lemon. That's EXTRA lemon POR FAVOOOOR". They don't wave if they drive fancy cars since their name plates entitle them to the right of way, even if the law doesn't. They don't smile for fear of smudging 25.00 Mac Lipliner or they can't smile, due to a freak of nature or botox. Things of that nature.

Then, yesterday at the post office (yes, yet another mail incident) I had left my driver's door open by accident. I was buckling in Squeak on the passenger side and this old geezer pulls up and screams, "Hey, move your car, will you?" Okay, was he right in telling me that I shouldn't have it sticking out? Hell yes. But was he rude? Yes. Did he bother to stop and think "Hey, she's struggling with a kid and forgot to close her door? " Like I would? No. So what did I do? Very nicely I responded "Oh my god, I am so sorry. I totally made a mistake. It happens." Did he say "No problem" and smile? Like I would have? No. He says "Well, it shouldn't happen." That set me off. I turned to him and said, calmly "You know what? When you are getting your award for being a perfect human being, please send me the invite so I can come congratulate you."

Then a miracle happened. He walked off.

What did I learn from this?

1. Bullies are usually scared off when you call them on their crap.

2. It's okay for me to stand up for myself. I don't have to go through the 3 hour litany in my head of "maybe their father beat them as a kid so that's why they are that way..." No. It's not okay.

Bottom line: I will always... ALWAYS... try and give the benefit of the doubt. But you know what? Some people don't, and if they can walk around this world like their shit doesn't stink, I'm not holding my nose anymore and going to pretend like it smells like flowers. They can kiss my ass and smell some of my crap for once.

Here's a website I found on rudeness. I likey likey.

Any thoughts out there?


War Bride said...

I know I'm a little too old for it to be possible, but could you please be my mommy? You're much cooler than my own. :P

Mama P said...

I would love to be your mommy. As long as you're okay with being harrassed out in front of government institutions.

Blair said...

I like your writing style but you comeback was lame... I would have used the kid as leverage (just like my parents did). Peace. BB

kukaru said...

Did you get the invite yet from that jackass? Lemme know, I'll loan you my dress with the plastic area in the arse so you can tell the ass he is and all the other people like him to KISS YOURS.

Way to go MAMA P. xoxo